There is this random excerpt of some literary piece subtle examination of which leaves me wondering if there is anything beyond what I, while being the complacent morone that I tend to become at times, can’t imbibe down my brain. Ephemeral, that too to the highest degree possible, gaining each time in terms of being short lasting is this sudden sensation, something I’m yet to measure on the scale of productivity or substance. Let’s wait for its exhaustion first and dive into the never to be defined and somewhat insane stream of creativity, if it’s one at all, though doesn’t appear one when put to a test of reason. Here it is, it couldn’t survive even the smallest of time spans. Here descends the density of dumbness. Infact if you have been kind enough to carefully discern while going through the craziness I’ve spilled above, distinguishing between the two extremes I oscillate towards becomes all easier. And it isn’t supposed to end over here. Not here, nor at any other well defined realm of space-time. And that’s what drives me into writing this.

Everything that exists and claims to be universal is periodically repetitive. Visible or invisible, worldly or extraterrestrial, logical or nonsense, doesn’t matter. Let’s do this, stop reading, step out of the comfort and pick 10 randoms, at the same time, don’t forget to make sure that they aren’t out of wits. If even one, not two, of those randomly picked poors claims to have been, for at least the last three days, on either of the two extremes, and is so proven on some scientific basis, I never talked sense, nor I ever would I bet. Yeah, I ‘bet’, to an extent of sounding arrogant. For this is no time for humility, my assertion has always been what I’ve either experienced myself or have observed fellas around me going through. Euphoria v/s despair or complacency v/s extreme hopelessness is no debate, it’s what all that is what it is, not just some trillionth part of the existence, i.e., humanity, has been created by the almighty to live their life in accordance with. He endows his creations with both virtues and vices, so as to ensure that they experience both the ends of reality. While moving out of our solitude, the first person that we see or hear, is blessed with the same amount of uniqueness as some of the greats are or were in the remotest traceable past. To specify the ‘remotest traceable’ thing, I would put forward another assertion of mine, which is, the uniformity in history. There is nothing like an era or an epoch. It’s just for our comfort that we coin such terms. I’ve enough evidences to prove the same. Historians often talk of the prehistoric age and then jump to the period that followed straightaway, just to establish how humans changed in terms of everything be it eating habits, warfare, living standard or the behavioural traits that, according to them, witnessed a massive deviation. Whatever, I’m lesser into disparaging the great historians, if so they are, I just wish to point out the very general tendency of ours in general and of the history writers in particular, which is, the evident inclination towards the ‘cutting short’ of different ages. We cut short different passages in history with somewhat assuaging ease. And a massive chunk of humanity, barring neither you nor me, gives an approbatory countenance and moves on. Looks a bit out of context, doesn’t it? But what lies in the center of this entire debate is this very notion, that is, the historical uniformity. All that we’ve read or heard of as history is uniform, occasionally to the extent of being boringly or irritatingly predictable. Trust me, history has nothing new to offer, it has got the very age old dogmas and their propounders, the so called greats, those who make or recreate history. I still wonder if it’s anything but the other way around altogether. Anyway, recreation of history or of anything is way stupid to even talk of. What is defined as one is nothing but the convenient modification of things, as we see happening in different disciplines at different times in history.

Let’s be more precise about things over here. The convenient reconstruction of stuff pertains not to the convenience of human brains but to that of whoever responsible for all that we do or lean towards. Call it nature, god or anything non-human. The delusionary belief held by the majority among us, which is, the thorough control of our actions and in some cases their outcomes too, is entirely foolish in nature. Turning over a few more pages of modern history will certainly be some help. With the advent of democratic values post -French revolution, larger part of the globe tended to adhere to democratic values as to them embracing these values seemed the only way out of the constant warfare as well as the arbitrariness of rulers. Their brains were moulded by the almighty in order to make this scheduled shift. Similarly, most of the other nations too adopted this newly suggested but ages old doctrine of liberal democratism. They wanted, finally, to make a sudden increase in their happiness levels. This very romantic notion of attaining extreme joy is what leads to these doctrinal shifts at different times in human history. Autocracy to democracy, capitalism to socialism to ultra communism, then again to market freedom. The follow up events of these sudden ideological or socio-eco-political shifts are so predictable in nature. What actually follows is some ‘euphoric lot of men and women’ having no idea how to maximise or even realize the benefits of the ideological setup they’ve opted for. Needless to say that the most pivotal period lies in the beginning of any such political experiment. Sadly,each time and for all times to come, as per the schedule of the unknown, this euphoria fails to last a great deal. It is destined to exhaust, and once it does so, it leaves behind the legacy of chaos, ideological dilemma and degeneration. The penetration of these vices happens with the blink of an eye and the newly built castle of dreams crumbles in no time. History, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have much of an issue, nor does the unknown. For nothing anomalous, as per their wisdom, is taking place under their supervision.
That’s life and that’s how it is bound to behave. Sheer goons are those who spend hours contemplating an alteration. Take it as an assertion and spend the smallest lot of your life restructuring the way you see things. Trust me, life is way more predictably thrilling than it’s thought to be. All you need is a small convo with your real self.

Postscript:- Never bother figuring out what the title has to do with the prose. It’s something specifically picked while life lies way beyond specifics.

Written by:- Deepak Kaviya

☆All right reserved☆